Deadman Wonderland

deadman-wonderlandI came across this another Wonderland anime haha… not Wonderland Online…ok….  i get attracted to watch because the title is Deadman Wonderland xD . Just finish watched first episode 😀 then i realize the Wonderland mean is like a prison xD haha.. Oh the boy also has strange power 😮 to protect himself from danger. You all should watch this anime, Deadman Wonderland.

Pokemon Go is like walking into Wonderland

pokemon-logoLong ago pokemon start from their Anime and I love to watch Pikachu as the cute monster 😀 Pika-pika Pikachu… hahaha it very nice anime. Then in this year 2016, Pokemon arrive with a nice game app called Pokemon Go, which is can be download from Google Playstore. (Recommended)

Even though Pokemon Go app are very famous and being loves by all people, there is also some problem or controversy which saying these app are bring bad, harm or accident case to all kids. Aww pity them (hehe…) I don’t care all of that as long as I can play safely and not bring harm to others,then I will keep playing hahaha…

What I like about this Pokemon Go app is that, these game bring us walk walking in real world that got many monsters hoho.. then we will enjoy the adventure by (more…)

My favorite Wonderland movie

large_alice_through_the_looking_glassLong time ago i watched these movie called Alice in Wonderland, it was nice fantasy or adventure story where i can see the weird character of Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter haha.. :Di dont know why he always got weird character in movie. Then i start play Wonderland Online where i like to explore it as my wonderland 😀 😛 somehow it no longer to active where… the game are too slow updated for a new quest.

Oh by the way now, Alice is back into Wonderland with the new title Alice Through the Looking Glass. Short synopsis for this movie, after slipping through a mirror, Alice (Mia Wasikowska) finds herself back in Underland with the White Queen (Anne Hathaway), the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Her friends tell her that the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) is in a funk over the loss of his family. Hoping to save his loved ones, Alice steals the Chronosphere from Time (Sacha Baron Cohen) to travel into the past. While there, she encounters the younger Hatter and the evil Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). (more…)

Children of Inca Sacrifice found Frozen in Time

DSC_0569This story have similarity case with the Shasa quest at Mayan Wonderland online haha.. Last week I company my grandma to see her eyes doctor, when I wait at sofa I see this old Nat Geo magazine with the inca story, then I was remember about getting human Shasa from Mayan Wonderland Online haha.. so old story but they really do a sacrifice like in WLO game haha.. I was nice story and very informative to read but…. I not see Alien or ET to fight like in wlo haha.. the sacrifice scene happen at Mayan WLO but the story was at Inca 😀 maybe this 2 place are different.

Here is some picture from the magazine (more…)

9 Tips To become good Alchemist

1. You need to have at least 3 different chars for 3 different levels of alchemy. 1 char for primary alchemy, 1 char for junior alchemy and at least 1 char for superior alchemy. This is important because some of the reaction gives better success in certain alchemy. For example you can make steel thorn bracers in primary alchemy a lot better than junior or superior. You can make black jade compounds like jade helmet and jade necklace a lot better in junior, and for high level compounds you need to have superior.
2. In primary and junior you can have first compound material lover level, but in superior, highest level must be the first ingredient. If some of other ingredient is higher level, you have to put the same material in end and beginning of the reaction. Like when you make rainy doll with black jade
metal gown + black jade + metal gown = rainy doll
3. Some reaction give better success in lover level of the alchemy – like is easier to make jade helmet in level 3 superior than in level 13 superior.
4. In order to make +7 reactions is better to have superior in level 8+.
5. If you want to fail less, you have to make only high rank compounds. Like in your chars with superior alchemy you should never compound tomato juice or crap level compounds. You should only make high (more…)

Fantasy War Tactics – Norn Saber – Wonderland Online

monkey-tent-wloWhen we keep play Wonderland Online, suddenly this question popup in mind asking, is there any game online that have similarity to the WLO game? Yeah start the Google engine vroom…vrom.. searching xD.. Then we come cross with the Norn Saber.

Norn Saber is a Chinese game online, that using the same graphic like wlo but it got little bit story Quest and also the game are more on tactical, in my opinion if you know how to play chess then it was like that 😀 but Norn Saber are more interesting because it got house or tent like wlo xD haha… Even though the game are in Chinese language, they is some community that build the game into English version, all you need is to download their patch. If you like to find this Norn Saber game, just (more…)

Fuwapaca in Wonderland

game-fuwapaca-in-wonderland-logoI think not to late to wish you all xD Happy New Year 2016 everyone haha… lol. It was always a busy month when it comes to end of the year. Many sad and hard moment keep on happening to us before entering the year of 2016. Well keep strong and say good bye to 2015 haha shoo shoo… T_T

I come across with the cute game apps called Fuwapaca 😀 the game is pretty easy to understand and to play it. All you need to do is to Tap tAp and keep TAP your screen android phone to feed this cute little fuwapaca.. This cute monster eat unlimited food xD. The more you feed it xD the more it happy .. you not believe me xD see that face keep smiling lol… haha.. Search it in (more…)

Trojan War Sagitta – Wonderland Online

Today i got time to join my guild to participate in Trojan War event in Wonderland Online. It was fun haha.. even though my team was noob aka not enough strong lol.. i am happy to kill the guard and pass two gate. I manage to get some short video of the battle. Here is my guild-mate team, he got strong team attacking the stone protection. Lets watch his battle 😀

Meeting Joan of Arc

avignon enteranceJoan of Arc is a human pet in Wonderland Online. Joan is women with water element type and based of STR type pet. In order to get this beautiful pet. Let’s follow the quest. It begin with meeting Joan on her way to France. Here in this quest your will help her in the battle.

Target: Joan

Pre-quest: None

Reward: 2% EXP Capsule

Game Plan:
You can start from Athens, Rome or Cairo to enter the Avignon Jungle. Then, walk to Gorge follow the map red line. Here you can meet (more…)

Harmful Apps – Bye-bye to WHAFF reward app – Don’t waste your time with this app reward

WHAFF-app-reward-suck-scam-harmful-to-android-user-it-contain-auto-subscribePrevious in my post, I was mention about this WHAFF apps which you can earn a bit money to buy IM points. Today I bit disappointed with their service, I feel like they are just tell lies, abit scam too and accuse user people of using VPN (maybe they don’t want to give payment) lol 😀 hahaha… Here is some of my experience, I always see they offer many games and apps, so I download and try play the game, some offer app can reach like 800MB++ which is take time to wait. Most of the apps are in English and Chinese language.
Some of the offer apps are tricky, I always be careful with it… because it will auto send txt message to subscribe your phone number to it. Please be careful of it, your phone reload credit might end finish… empty and it cannot be unsubscribe. WHAFF suck apps xD haha..
Here is what I try explain about whaff offer are actually try to cheat their  user. (txt msg time 08:05) (more…)