• South Pole Hot Spring | Penguin Village Hot Spring

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    There is one hidden hot spring at South Pole, actually it is not so “hidden..” lol haha xD becoz it very easy to find out maybe because the South Pole place are small placed. How to find this 😀 you can refer to the guide map here.

    hot spring south island penguin village wlo

    MaKa Hot Spring in Wonderland Online

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    Aquilo-wlo-wonderlandHere in South Island WLO, we can visit one hot Spring which is hidden inside the Maka Cave. It easy to go visit this hot spring but it blocked by the large Stone Monster. In order to enter this Maka Hot Spring we need to completed one quest at Holy Village.

    Player need to completed the quest of finding the courage stone by the mystic old man at the holy village 😀 nah the quest give nice reward recommended to do it. 😛

    Here is the Read more

    IGG 9th Anniversary 2015 and my 2nd payment from Whaff

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    This June 2015, IGG celebrate its 9th Anniversary yay.. they got nice event on Clash of Lords 2 wah.. they are giving you the chance to get your hands on some exclusive Clash of Lords 2 T-shirts, Posters and Gift Codes! You can read the news at here.. http://www.igg.com/news/view.php?id=450


    Happy Anniversary IGG (I Got Games) hohoho…. But why u not make event on Wonderland Online too : (

    Oh.. yah.. before in my previous post about the Whaff Reward App. Here I like to share again the my experience 😀 First I like to say that I being banned using the whaff app huhu.. my account being banned because they said I Read more

    Find the Courage Stone | Old man courage stone Holy Village WLO

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    Target: Mystic Old Man Church Holy Village 2 (X: 2082, Y: 655)quest-find-the-courage-stone-wlo

    Pre-quest: None

    Reward: 15% EXP Capsule, Cat Eye Rings (Mdef +3, Max SP +30), 2* Stars

    Game Plan: Meet the Mystic old man at Holy Village (X: 2082, Y: 655) and click to activate the quest. He need us to find the Brave Stone at Maka Cave. 😀 What are you waiting for xD start walking lol haha… Follow the map guide innside Make Cave and you will be battle with Large moster stone. We need to Read more

    No money to buy Item Mall Points in wlo ? | How to make money online to buy Item Mall Point?

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    whaff -iconToday I going to share with you all some opportunity to make money online so that we can buy IM Points in Wonderland Online. By the way, it is not just for WLO … it also for all other games online that you wish to buy points or gems. 😀 Before I start to explain, this method required us to patience …. hmmm… Internet connection (ofc xD to connect), Smartphone Android type (platform to begin), Whaff Reward (App to earn money) and Paypal acc (To receive money).

    Why I said patience, because….. this method to make money is not going to make  you rich like billionaire but it just enough for you to earn little bit money to buy game point for Coc, Pew Pew Penguin, WLO and others online game…. as long as they got Paypal method for payment.

    Let’s begin, after we got internet connection and smartphone, then you should go to Google Play Store and download the app called Whaff.

    What is PayPal?

    PayPal is like internet bank for everyone. You can use PayPal to buy IM points and other item or real goods which being sell online… like in Ebay or Amazon. If you activate and sync your PayPal with bank in your country 😀 you can transfer money from PayPal to your personal bank. (it got little charges too)

    What is Whaff and how it works?

    Whaff application is like a Rewards App. It will reward us if… We explore, download and play the game that being introduce to us. In other word, we being paid to play xD. What I notice when I try this app is…. each game or app that available to Read more

    How to make Twin Bluemoon Blade in WLO

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    Hey today I going to share with you all on how we can make Twin Bluemoon Blade in Wonderland Online. Yeah haha.. compounding time xD There is many recipe you can follow, nah.. I am not force you all follow this one haha this is just guide to be share. 😀

     Twin Bluemoon Blade

    Rank = R39

    Base material = Titanium / Iron / Pure Iron / Steel

    * Ok the material got 4 part and we need material that can reach that rank 39 something like rank 32


    Material Part One (Titanium)

    First make Titanium (which equipment is Titanium base – easy to remember is Jade helmet)

    Jade helmet is rank 26, base material (Titanium / Jade)


    Start with making Titanium ^_^

    Refined Titanium R18 (buy at Hawaii Shop) + Sea Amor R18 (buy at Cairo)

    = Long Handled Axe R22 (u can use this)

    = Blue Spear R21 (turn it into Titanium Sword R22) -> Blue Spear + Vertical Wings


    Then, Red Jade Necklace R22

    Easy just try again n again until you get one – > Black Jade R25 + Black Jade R25


     Jade Helmet (R22 + R22 = R26)

    1. a) Long Handled Axe + Red Jade Necklace + Alchemy Book 1 or 2
    2. b) Titanium Sword + Red Jade Necklace + Alchemy Book 1 or 2
    3. c) Blue Spear + Red Jade Necklace + Blue Spear + Alchemy Book 1 or 2

    *** using alchemy book is optional but because of Jade Helmet always keep fail and fail for me xD (idk why) so I Read more

    Pew Pew Penguin – Android mobile games

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    IGG pew pew penguinIGG (I Got Games) few weeks ago release their latest mobile game called Pew Pew Penguin, a cute game shooter for android devices.

    Aliens are invading Pengaia, and only the Pew Pew Penguins can save the day! It’s up to Pengu and his friends Tango, Waddle, Princess, and Feather, along with their pet pals, to defeat the evil aliens!

    Pew Pew Penguins is a casual shooter game unlike any other! Players can find intense single-player action in the Story Mode or compete with other players from all around the world in Arcade Mode. Mix and match Penguins and other cuddly animals to create the ultimate fighting force! The flight to protect Pengaia has begun! Are you ready?…. idk xD hahaha… Read more

    Max level character in Wonderland Online

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    max level character in wloMy previous post is about Journey Character to level 190 in WLO. Here it is 😀 at last….. ta…da…my poor character reach the max level 190 hahaha… at this level we cannot obtain any EXP anymore either from eating capsule, battle, cuss burst, instance or bicep training machine. Now my pet Sam 😀 can enjoy the capsule EXP from then 20 Rounds Challenge.

    Journey Character to level 190 in WLO

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    Looks like it already New Year 2015 (happy new year 2015 xD), soon few days will be Chinese New Year 2015 ^_^ year of Goat. I forgot already, how long I have been play in Wonderland Online 😀 seem like it is  too too too……long nah.

    Here is the Character at level 189 with 1% EXP (10/1/2015) with EXP capsule from 20 Rounds Challenge total EXP Capsule is 45%

    WLO character max level

    We can see how the limit EXP that we can get from capsule when we reach high level. Example this 20% capsule, when we use…. it can only obtain 5% EXP xD

    WLO character max level

    For EXP Capsule 15%, hehe… only get 3% for this level 189

    WLO character max level

    Let see for EXP Capsule 5%, huhu.. it is Read more

    20 Rounds Challenge Wonderland Online

    20 Round Challenge WLO

    Before in Wonderland Online games we only keep doing 15 Rounds Challenge, which is too easy for many player too pass it like only 19 to 28 minutes to complete all rounds. New update by IGG into WLO is by adding the 20 Rounds Challenge (20R event) which give some brutal force to player to complete it. xD (because you might feel annoying keep fly)

    Here I like to share some idea or opinion how player can complete this 20R event (from 16 to 20), it very tough but believe it you can do it xD.


    First prepare your character with speed 950+ (1K++ spd better) this allow you to move first in battle (some say (900+ enough xD Read more

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