Another game that similar to the Wonderland Online

In WLO we pilot 3 characters to battle and journey in the wonderland adventure. We got the house system, build and crafting material, and workout our characters on the treadmill. This make WLO so nice game to play. Hehe.. Here we found out new game develop by miHoYo Co., Ltd. that have all this but in more advance and high technology.

Almost 3 month testing and playing on this game, We feel it so great and make us addicted to it. Haha… it got similarity with WLO because the games are based on anime style. The characters, voice and sound are so nice. Speaking about the quality graphic, yes they are amazing 3D view gameplay. They combine their comic, video and story chapter make the game really FUN and very entertaining to follow.

This how honkai impact house system hehe.. the chibi character make them so cute and adorable..


Here we would like to invite everyone to play Honkai Impact 3. It is mobile phone game which are can be download from the Google Playstore and Apple. The official site for this game Honkai Impact 3 can be visit at

There are lots of character in Honkai Impact but mostly are girl type anime. Soon the update will bring male type character. Most of the character are favorite type but mostly we like to use Himeko Murata hehe… because she so cool with her voice too.


Here is Sakura one of the character that use Katana.


If you interested with the game, grab your phone download Honkai Impact 3 xD. Join Us in Wonderland Armada. Don’t worry if you are newbie or noob hehe.. Honkai Impact 3 game provide Sensei and Cadet system you can learn more and enjoy the game…. xD


Psstt.. when your reach level 15 you can use this code SMLM4Z to obtain reward.. xD

Another game that similar to the Wonderland Online try Honkai Impact 3 xD
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