wonderland online 8 fallen angel antruzTarget: Gaia at Revival Island

Pre-quest: Misia Wish | Angela’s Sister Misia

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule and 15000 EXP

Game Plan: After done pre-quest, fly to Revival Island in Wonderland also known as Easter Island full of Moai. 😀 You need to be with Angela in your team. On Revival Island, you can see Gaia lay down on ground (X: 3002, Y: 755). Click on Gaia, she will start explain what happen about Antruz who escape from the prison cell and after the Heaven’s Trove.

After done talking, now fly to Inca to find Antruz which is hiding at the Tundra Forbidden Grounds. You can find this secret door at (X: 702, Y: 335) in Inca. Walk into the cavern and go deep inside the cave until you find a door that been mark or sealed with poison by Antruz. You can follow the guide map bellow. Make sure you not lost in this small cave. 😀 xD

Revival Island talk with Gaia


Secret Door


Guide Walk Map

Antruz look so scary … purple angel 😀 but I think it look like demon. xD Click on Antruz to start the battle, this battle little bit hard because the small Angel of Sin and Angel of Gluttony, they like to play seal and they also have hot fire skill, so careful.

Battle with Antruz and Angel of Sin also Angel of Gluttony


Here some guide and tips to do this battle and hope your EQ will not break.

After the end battle, you will know that Angela so strong 😀 and more stories in Wonderland Online. I think beside King Howert they also another big boss like Hell Warlock which will be destroy the entire Angelic Realm.

Angela seal Antruz

Antruz Escape from Prison Cell WLO | Fallen Angel Advent | Archangel Micheal task of Heaven’s Trove
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