eva quest assassin makaiTarget: Lost Jun Lake

Pre-quest: The Dark Sword Eva Wonderland Online | Sword of darkness awakening

Reward: 2% EXP Capsule


Game Plan:

In this quest Eva required to have 70+ amity. Level not sure ^_^ I think level 1 also can as long as the amity 70+


Now.. you fly to Domremy, you can use UFO if u lazy xD … Then the Lost Jun area. Walk to the top of left portal and enter it. Now you can see lake and walk towards it. Remove any equipment on Eva because she will temporary leave your team. Battle will begin, I think 900+ speed can move 1st.

Tips in battle 😀 yeah u can start with kill wind 1st because they not spawn other spawn 1 times. ^_^

eva angry  don't peek


eva battle strategy

Assassin came from Makai | Eva death quest – Maybe not xD
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