Item Mall games baby doll wloIf you have some extra points or fun token, let’s have some fun playing Baby Dolls game in Item Mall games. This is different from Game Card Machine 😀 It cost you 45 IM points or 9 Fun tokens. We can win variety type of pet Vouchers and it also can be traded, means we can make some nice gold by selling pet voucher. 😀  How to start play? In this game, you can see 3 buttons (Left, Right and Down). Move your mouse cursor and click left or right button, it will ask you play with points or fun tokens. Then, click right or left to adjust the claw machine until you satisfy 😀 now click down button to grab the animal. Hehehe…

You can grab animal like Monkey, Lala Dog, Little Persian, Shiba Inu, Chick, Chicken, and Rhesus Monkey. All this type of animal gives you different type of pet voucher. Here is all the list of pet you can get from Baby Dolls Item Mall game.


monkey baby doll reward


Lala Dog

Lala dog reward baby doll


Little Persian

little persian baby doll reward wlo


Shiba Inu

wlo shiba inu reward baby dolls



chick reward baby doll wlo



chicken reward baby dolls wlo


Rhesus Monkey

rhesus monkey reward wlo baby dolls


I like to play this game in Wonderland because I can get rare pet, which other players don’t have it. 😀 xD but sometimes only get reward 1% bolus and when fail to catch animal, 🙁 get lottery ticket. xD 😀

Here video show how to play this Baby Dolls Wonderland Online

Baby Dolls | WLO Grabber Machine
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