Again GM Lala late for event haha.. but it’s ok. Today event called break the code. It sounds like TV show at AXN Break the Magician Code lol…. Rule for event, no spam and need to be top 5. Nice event held at Starter beach, everyone no need to walk so far :D. Oh yah XD how to break the code.. It is like this… clue “It is fruit. The code papel” so u need to be first type at local channel “apple”. The event was so fun only like 4-5 round and me so weak to spell fast 😀 so I just win one round XD and get 20k. Player name Kiryuu keep win all round 8D.

After done event, almost everyone gone from starter beach including GM-Lala but suddenly Lala appear again on beach I thought she miss me XD hahaha… JL maybe she wrong server login XD 😛


We also try to poke Maha until he cry so he will drop many 10x to us on beach …but not successful…boo  in the end we die 😀 hahaha….

Break the Code | Wonderland Online Event
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