In my opinion Sam is a nice water element pet, although his appearance not looks so cool xD after rebirth but the way he add build stat look so good for me. Start from level 1 to 100 you might see how his progress that keep add STR for more attack and less WIS and INT.

Soon IGG will update our patch, hopefully Sam will be rebirth… so this evening I like to share with you on, how to burst Sam? How to set E-Remote for Sam? How to burst him with Cuss Burst? Some not might agree with how I set my electron remote, some say it waste of SP 😀 thank you for all your respond but this is the only way I can find how to set it.

Here is how, we can burst Sam with Cuss Burst. In my case, all in my team are rebirth character, one seer water with pet Sam (about to burst) and three fires attacks (one of them Wit fire). In this burst you will need to have any armlet that add +400 SP, equip this kind of armlet on Sam so he will have many SP. This way setup e-remote work nicely when cow level 6+ so at level one we might get less EXP at the moment but no worry much ^_^.

Guide to Set Electron Remote


Rebirth water with pet Sam 


Rebirth Fire Wit with Cow


Rebirth Fire Killer with Cow (None rebirth fire STR can set like these too, change Fervidity with Hagendis Hit)


Rebirth Fire Priest with Cow (None rebirth fire mage can set like this too)


Here is my Sam level 100 v(^_^)v ready to rebirth and now wait for new patch to come xD

Burst Sam Wonderland Online | How to Setup E-Remote to burst Sam WLO
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