Target: Tip of the Hilltop

Pre-quest: Enter the Magic World

Reward: 500 EXP

Game Plan: Make sure you done the pre-quest above. Now we need to walk from Angkor Wat into Angkor Aisle. Then walk to Back Jungle and enter the right cave on the map. Next, go up to the Hilltop. Here you will see beautiful view and fairy 😀 Wahhhh.. xD Click on the two fairies (Must Click) that flying around, and then walk to the tip of cliff to view the scenery.

Question will out, then choose Yes xD then you fell down from cliff hehehe… In this part quest it is just like story, chat and talking between you, Evil Griffin and Charlotte. It is nice to read so you will understand ^_^ about fairy story. After fall down from cliff, you can see a cave infront you, walk inside the cave and then Click on Evil Griffin. Bla..bla..bla.. xD then Charlotte come to save you, so you will not eaten by Evil Griffin monster.  xD Now go back outside cave and talk with Charlotte.

Canyon Fairy | Charlotte save you from Evil Griffin
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