Journey Character to level 190 in WLO

Looks like it already New Year 2015 (happy new year 2015 xD), soon few days will be Chinese New Year 2015 ^_^ year of Goat. I forgot already, how long I have been play in Wonderland Online 😀 seem like it is  too too too……long nah.

Here is the Character at level 189 with 1% EXP (10/1/2015) with EXP capsule from 20 Rounds Challenge total EXP Capsule is 45%

WLO character max level

We can see how the limit EXP that we can get from capsule when we reach high level. Example this 20% capsule, when we use…. it can only obtain 5% EXP xD

WLO character max level

For EXP Capsule 15%, hehe… only get 3% for this level 189

WLO character max level

Let see for EXP Capsule 5%, huhu.. it is Continue reading

Levelling during Double EXP in Wonderland Online

peace animeLike usual Wonderland Online will have Double EXP event for all players in the game server and this week is 2X for Hot Summer hehehe…. My place here don’t have other season always warm and hot huhuhu.. What you should know during double EXP event?

Ok first, about bursting character to be high level. We cannot use EXP potion to burst character or pet. It only increases your cow level and makes your EXP decrease, avoid use EXP potion during burst there is no effect or not help you gain level at all. I suggest that you all to burst during Double EXP event ^_^ hehehe… Burst in 2X time is very nice because you will be happy to see you get high EXP.

EXP potion only works when you attack monster either you use skill or normal attack. Again.. Don’t use EXP potion when burst xD 😀 The best time using EXP potion is during Double EXP event because it multiplies the EXP you get during Continue reading

Fire Burst Character

burst damage wonderland online fireLevel up character in Wonderland Online taking some time and you need to be patient. Some of them might just buy burst service or some they just easily feel bored with the game. In other word all of us just want to level up fast hehehe… Well in burst concept, the highest damage you make, the higher EXP you can get. Means that we need to have high ATK+ or MATK+  in order to create high damage on monster.

One of the idea is making a pure fire STR character 😀 Firstly, you need to add 42 WIS in character to get assistant skill. You need to have assist skill called Slowdown, Poison, and Mess, so that you can burst your character using Cuss Burst with all fire element in team. Burst slowly 😀 no need to rush, it might take like Continue reading

How to Make Your Anime Chibi Character Image

chibi fur clothes wlo

Firstly, what is “Chibi” means or term? Chibi in Japan slang word means short person. It also can be a style of drawing character. 😀 If you are fans for anime and manga, you can see sometimes anime use Chibi Style in depicting scene 😀 i like it hihihi… because it look funny and cute.

Ok back to the question how to make Chibi Character image or picture, well if you are good in drawing, of course you can just simply draw 😀 hehe…  other option is using Chibi Maker version 1.1 It a simple tool, but it can create nice and cute chibi for you. It got many type of colours, faces, dress, hair, expression, accessories and more. Thank you to gen8 from for creating the Chibi Maker, it nice and easy to use.


Maybe you can use this tools 😀 to make your your own Wonderland Online chibi character xD

This is my Continue reading

Optional method to get EXP up in WLO

Wonderland Online EXP UpIn Wonderland Online, we level up our character or pet by collecting many EXP through killing monster and bursting with assist skill. Bursting is the favorite method for every players because it easy and faster to level up. However, bursting only works until you reach level 180 😀 and it also not works after your character or pet go for rebirth process.

Here is some other easy not cheat xD 😀 method which you can get 2% EXP free without killing monsters hehehe… all you need to do is build this kind of exercise machine inside your tent. It very useful for those player who already reach Continue reading

Wonderland Online Character

Play online game MMO we need a character for us like avatar to put you inside the game. Wonderland Online (WLO) provides as many type of character. We can choose for character one or two. How it look, handsome or cute, sexy or scary, small or tall? XD you can choose what you like it.

Here is the list of character in WLO: Continue reading