Levelling during Double EXP in Wonderland Online

peace animeLike usual Wonderland Online will have Double EXP event for all players in the game server and this week is 2X for Hot Summer hehehe…. My place here don’t have other season always warm and hot huhuhu.. What you should know during double EXP event?

Ok first, about bursting character to be high level. We cannot use EXP potion to burst character or pet. It only increases your cow level and makes your EXP decrease, avoid use EXP potion during burst there is no effect or not help you gain level at all. I suggest that you all to burst during Double EXP event ^_^ hehehe… Burst in 2X time is very nice because you will be happy to see you get high EXP.

EXP potion only works when you attack monster either you use skill or normal attack. Again.. Don’t use EXP potion when burst xD 😀 The best time using EXP potion is during Double EXP event because it multiplies the EXP you get during Continue reading

Victoria Rebirth Wonderland Online | Vicky RB WLO | How to make Pet become Strong?

How rb vicky look likeIn the new patch of Version 6.0 special edition in Wonderland Online, they add 2 new pet that can be rebirth which is Victoria (Vicky) or Sam. If you planning to rebirth one of them, you need to do some list quest from the beginning until the end of the quest which commonly known as Death Quest in WLO. Here is my pet Victoria which that rebirth on yesterday, I am delay her rebirth due to the pet stat which is not nice. Lucky I get many pet return scrolls from Pumpkin Seed 2012 and Thanks Giving event to fix my Victoria pet.  How to rebirth pet in Wonderland Online? Easy, after you done the pet death quest, you will need to revive them at Holy Village church, click on Abba then pay some amount of stars based on which pet to revive. Then, go to first cave on the jungle behind Hanging Garden. You must put which pet to rebirth on battle and meet the priest there. Click on Continue reading

Burst Sam Wonderland Online | How to Setup E-Remote to burst Sam WLO

In my opinion Sam is a nice water element pet, although his appearance not looks so cool xD after rebirth but the way he add build stat look so good for me. Start from level 1 to 100 you might see how his progress that keep add STR for more attack and less WIS and INT.

Soon IGG will update our patch, hopefully Sam will be rebirth… so this evening I like to share with you on, how to burst Sam? How to set E-Remote for Sam? How to burst him with Cuss Burst? Some not might agree with how I set my electron remote, some say it waste of SP 😀 thank you for all your respond but this is the only way I can find how to set it.

Here is how, we can burst Sam with Cuss Burst. In my case, all in my team are Continue reading

How to Burst human pet Victoria | How to set WLO E-Remote

I cannot sleep this time, I don’t know why. Maybe I drink too much coffee hehe… 😀 Ok… Like I said before in my previous post about Victoria, she is nice human pet and easy to train. Now I am going to share with you how to train her fast with burst. Human pet Victoria got 2 skills which is attack and assist skills, so her assist can be used in burst. First, we need to any type of armlet as long as it adds SP+ and used it in Victoria. Example Cotton Scroll (DEF: +75, MaxSp: +400). Second, getting knows your team, how many fire, water, rebirth or none rebirth. In my case I use all rebirth and 3 fires and 1 water with the Victoria. Find place which Continue reading