Assassin came from Makai | Eva death quest – Maybe not xD

eva quest assassin makaiTarget: Lost Jun Lake

Pre-quest: The Dark Sword Eva Wonderland Online | Sword of darkness awakening

Reward: 2% EXP Capsule


Game Plan:

In this quest Eva required to have 70+ amity. Level not sure ^_^ I think level 1 also can as long as the amity 70+


Now.. you fly to Domremy, you can use UFO if u lazy xD … Then the Lost Jun area. Walk to the top of left portal and enter it. Now you can see lake and walk towards it. Remove any equipment on Eva because she will temporary leave your team. Battle will begin, I think 900+ speed can move 1st.

Tips in battle 😀 yeah u can start with Continue reading

The Other Side of the Cave | High Class Devils La Tim | Revenge for Roca’s Father

Devil La Tim WLOTarget: Maka Mountain Stone Door (X: 3362, Y: 755)

Pre-quest: Roca’s father dead quest

Condition: Done pre-quest, Roca in team, have flying vehicle (airplane, hot air balloon or others)

Reward: La Tim’s Lease (ATK+50, MAXHP+350), Crystal Skull

Game Plan: After you done the pre-quest, then walk to South Island outside Maka Cave (X: 3102, Y: 455). You can refer the pic below for guide. Next, use any flying vehicle you have toward the cave on top of mountain. Click the door to enter (X: 3362, Y: 755). Finally, prepare yourself for battle with high class Devils La Tim, just walk straight inside the cave you can see La Tim, then click on Continue reading

Riding pet in Wonderland Online |How to ride pet in WLO ?

pet-ride-wloGood morning all WLO players 😀 today I going to do a short post on how player can ride their pet in Wonderland Online. Well the process is easy, don’t worry 😛 okey hihihi… First, you need to have your pet in your team. On the right bottom corner of your wlo screen, click on group button.

group button in wlo

Next, click on the pet status button, it will show you option like Rest, Battle and Ride. 😀 If you like to ride pet, choose Ride button.

status button wlo   choose ride button wlo

  • If you already choose ride, you cannot put them in fight mode during battle with monster.

Potential Pill in Wonderland Online

Potential pill WLOPotential pill it’s an item that used to increase your character or pet power. It’s kind of cheat 😀 hahaha… No 😀 actually every players in WLO can obtain potential pill from Item Mall, Quest or Event. Potential pill is not cheat 😀 it is a special item which can add all the original ability point for character or pet. In other words, One pill will add point to STR, CON, INT, WIS and AGI. The more level potential pill you get, the more original point ability will be added, and max level is +12.

lion item mall potential pill

However, proses of increasing potential pill level also follow by risk, which mean it can be fail too. 😀 Hehe… yah fail, more high level .. more risk to fail but Continue reading

Xaolan play water with Roca | Saviour mark by Star | Roca and Xaolan tattoo

Water play Roca XaolanTarget: Waterfall in front of Holy Village gate  (X: 2282, Y: 4135)

Condition: Roca and Xaolan amity are 63+

Reward: None

Game Plan: Remember the pre-quest when you getting GS (Goddess Skill), we need to walk into the waterfall and click the statue fairy. The fairy explains to us about saving the world from darkness and also mention about those who mark by star can help us in our mission. If your pet Roca and Xaolan amity is 63+ above, you can see this story 😀 :) Roca and Xaolan have fun and enjoy play water together.  Just walk into the waterfall, Roca and Xoalan will leave your team. When you come out again, you can see they are both in water, click on Continue reading

Roca’s father death quest | Death quest for Kelan Leader

roca's father starTarget: Troll cave entrance (X: 1062, Y: 3775) North Island


The Initial Trial

–  Welling Village’s Leader Test | First Test

Reward: Add 2+ Roca Amity

Game Plan:

In this quest, you need Roca and Niss in your team. Walk from Welling village to enter the cave that guard by troll inside it. (on left not KaMa Cave) When you about to enter cave, story scene will begin here, Roca feel worry about her father and need to see him. You need to walk back to Kelan search for Roca’s father in house. Continue reading

Victoria Rebirth Wonderland Online | Vicky RB WLO | How to make Pet become Strong?

How rb vicky look likeIn the new patch of Version 6.0 special edition in Wonderland Online, they add 2 new pet that can be rebirth which is Victoria (Vicky) or Sam. If you planning to rebirth one of them, you need to do some list quest from the beginning until the end of the quest which commonly known as Death Quest in WLO. Here is my pet Victoria which that rebirth on yesterday, I am delay her rebirth due to the pet stat which is not nice. Lucky I get many pet return scrolls from Pumpkin Seed 2012 and Thanks Giving event to fix my Victoria pet.  How to rebirth pet in Wonderland Online? Easy, after you done the pet death quest, you will need to revive them at Holy Village church, click on Abba then pay some amount of stars based on which pet to revive. Then, go to first cave on the jungle behind Hanging Garden. You must put which pet to rebirth on battle and meet the priest there. Click on Continue reading

Is this how Angela look like after Rebirth? | Wonderland Online Angela Rebirth?

wlo angela rebirthMy friend so curious about how, Angela looks like after her rebirth, so he decides to explore inside the game folder of Wonderland Online Game. I still not sure, how Angela rebirth looks like, but this are some picture of Angela character that he send to me yesterday. She look so pretty. 😀 I like the way she have halo on top of her head, I hope that the IGG team and the original game version will keep update Wonderland Online. It is very interesting to follow and read angel story.

Here is some image of Continue reading

Antruz Escape from Prison Cell WLO | Fallen Angel Advent | Archangel Micheal task of Heaven’s Trove

wonderland online 8 fallen angel antruzTarget: Gaia at Revival Island

Pre-quest: Misia Wish | Angela’s Sister Misia

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule and 15000 EXP

Game Plan: After done pre-quest, fly to Revival Island in Wonderland also known as Easter Island full of Moai. 😀 You need to be with Angela in your team. On Revival Island, you can see Gaia lay down on ground (X: 3002, Y: 755). Click on Gaia, she will start explain what happen about Antruz who escape from the prison cell and after the Heaven’s Trove.

After done talking, now fly to Inca to find Antruz which is hiding at the Tundra Forbidden Grounds. You can find this secret door at Continue reading

Misia Wish | Angela meet her Sister Misia | Wonderland Online

angela sister appearTarget: Cherry Forest with Angela and Eva

Pre-quest: The Dark Sword Eva

Reward: Light Armband, 3% EXP Capsule, and Star

Game Plan: Make sure you done the pre-quest and condition is Angela and Eva is inside your team. Walk from Kyoto, Japan towards Hill Road and walk again to Cherry Forest on the left map. In this forest, Angela suddenly feels something and the chat story will begin here. (^_^) Continue walk and enter the Secret Cave in Continue reading