• Charlotte Drunk after Drink a Wine at Domremy Inn France

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    Target: Domremy France Bar

    Conditon: Charlotte in team

    Reward: Charlotte Amity Increase 5+

    Game Plan:  This quest is at France Wonderland Online, now walk and just enter the Inn Hotel in France. There is a small bar inside inn and then click on the wine at the right table of Hotel Owner NPC. The cute and funny Charlotte action will begin. 😀 hihi it so funny.. Charlotte thought it is juice, then she keep Read more

    Free Charlotte Armlet | Fairy Game | Bracelet for Saver

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    Target: Left corner of Fairy Village (X: 862, Y: 1495)

    Pre-quest: Magic Seal Stone

    Reward: Armlet for Charlotte

    Game Plan: After get Charlotte join in team, there is one simple fairy game that you can play to obtain Charlotte armlet. Walk to left corner of your map in Fairy Village (X: 862, Y: 1495) and then click on the spirit. She will invite you to play fairy game. 😀 if you win, you can get special item for your pet Charlotte. (MaxHp: +200, SPD: +200)

    How to play? 😀 Just move your mouse go left or right, avoid collect bomb xD, watch the video Read more

    How to get pet Charlotte WLO? | Magic Seal Stone | Charlotte Wonderland Online |Ma Stone

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    Target: Fairy Village | Alfer Village


    1- Fairy Snow Island

    2- Enter the Magic World

    3- Canyon Fairy

    Reward: Ma Stone , Charlotte joins your team

    Game Plan: Charlotte is Wind type element pet, which is useful for player who have passion to train it bet become their wind pet ride. How to get Charlotte in WLO? Easy 😀 make sure you done all the pre-quest above before you do this last part. Okie…. ^_^

    Part 1 (Meet Elven Elder)

    After done Canyon Fairy quest, you need to Read more

    Canyon Fairy | Charlotte save you from Evil Griffin

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    Target: Tip of the Hilltop

    Pre-quest: Enter the Magic World

    Reward: 500 EXP

    Game Plan: Make sure you done the pre-quest above. Now we need to walk from Angkor Wat into Angkor Aisle. Then walk to Back Jungle and enter the right cave on the map. Next, go up to the Hilltop. Here you will see beautiful view and fairy 😀 Wahhhh.. xD Click on the two fairies (Must Click) that flying around, and then walk to the Read more

    Enter the Magic World | Directing Monster fulfills her task

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    Target: Angkor Wat

    Pre-quest: Fairy Snow Island

    Reward:  None

    Game Plan:

    Make sure you have Directing Monster NPC in your team. Walk from Bangkok into Thailand Jungle until you reach Angkor Wat. Enter the Angkor Maze, walk straight until you reach Angkor Secret Path, you can follow the guide maps below if you feel it hard or maybe you lost in Angkor Maze hehe.. 😀 Directing Monster will leave your team when Read more

    Fairy Snow Island | Directing monster NPC Wonderland Online

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    Target: Snow Island

    Pre-quest: None

    Reward:  NPC Directing monster join in team

    Game Plan: This NPC required for quest to get Charlotte, so to get Charlotte you need Directing Monster to lead you in the Magic World. First, fly to Snow Island (X: 2362, Y: 10795), make sure you have at least 1 space in team for NPC to join you. In Snow Island walk go down until 5 floor, follow the guide map below until you see fairy Statue of Goblin. Click on it, then the statue will Read more