• Hidden Chest on top of Athens Opera Hall | Ocean Heart Pieces WLO

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    quest athens pieces heart wloTarget: Chest on Top Opera Hall, Athens (X: 1522, Y: 175)

    Pre-quest: None

    Reward: Ocean Heart Piece

    Game Plan: To get this box, it required you to ride any kind of flying vehicle.  Start from the entrance door, you need to move little bit to right corner. (X: 1402, Y: 635) Then from here, ride a vehicle like spaceship, fly to the top of the building. Click on the chest if you see it. 😀 Just like when you do to the quest box on top of Capitol Welling.

    Lost of Book Odyssey | Lost book from library | Book of Odyssey

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    Target: Villager at Executive House in second floor

    Pre-quest: None

    Reward: Pet Return Scroll

    Game Plan: Enter the Executive House in Athens and go to second floor. Here you will see alone NPC Villager looking for her lost book, click on her to begin the quest. How to find Odyssey Book? Go out from Executive House and find Dairy Cattle in Athens, the Odyssey book is at the far

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    Wonderland Online Guide on Cursed Palace | Tips to do CP event easy in WLO

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    In wonderland online we have this event called Cursed Palace, in short term we like to call it CP. Some say it is like instance 😀 long instance to finish XD while others say it is a Wonderland Online Quest. Yeah… it is like quest and instance which is make me feel so enjoy and fun while doing it. 😀 CP in WLO games was inspired by the 12 constellations. That why CP are consisting by 12 palaces and each palace guard by different powerful guardians. After done for 12 palaces it moves to final palace, Large Hall. Here in Large Hall, all fighters combine and form a team with Athena and her guardian Pegasus, Draco, Cygnus, and Andromeda Fighter. We need to defeat them to complete Wonderland Online Cursed Palace.

    Wonderland Online Cursed Palace start from 1:00pm Sunday to 1:00am Monday  EDT (GMT-4)(You need Registration Voucher = 2 pcs). If you want to do the quest every day, then it will cost 1 star. In my place it start at Monday 1am until 1pm. 😀 So me always do it before I go sleep hehehe… ^^Here I like to share about how enemy or monster battle guide, so you can get Read more