• Missing Wolf South Pole WLO| Find the missing Sledge Wolf

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    Penguin Village Villager (X: 1322, Y: 715)

    Pre-quest: None

    Reward: Pet Return Scroll

    Game Plan: Walk slowly goes to the behind house or igloo on the left bottom, you can see Sledge Wolf at (X: 422, Y: 1475). Click on it, a battle will begin and remember don’t kill it and just hit until half HP, you need to catch it. Wolf is level 70 and water element. After catch, find the owner then give to him 😀

    Tips: If the monster in wonderland online is level 70, minimum level can be catch is level 65+ Hit monsters until half HP or almost die and then start to catch. Make sure you have enough space for pet. Some monsters in WLO are not available to catch. 😀