• Cuss Burst Wonderland Online |How to train with 4 Fires?|How to train Character Fast in WLO?

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    There is some method that we can apply in Wonderland Online to level up character fast and get many EXP per battle, is this cheat? No lol… 😀 xD players like to call it Cuss Burst. In order to use this kind of train, you will need someone that already Rebirth as Wit and have the Job Skill as Cuss. (Picture below show what is JS Wit – Cuss) 😀

    A good thing about this burst way is you don’t need to have Water Element in team, you can use all fire. Means, 3 fires are helping 1 fire (Noob one xD) to level up 😀 No need to have many Wits in team burst, just one is enough. Cuss Burst not just for fire, we can use it to train wind, water and earth.

    In this post, we will using team with 4 fires so I like to mention here, the noob one fire that about to level.. must already have some assist skill at least like Slowdown, Poison Spell, and Fiery Attack. Make sure, this noob fire have speed little bit, need speed… more than cow and fire attackers so can use assist skill before they attack monster. (No need to add agi) 😀 Just let the character Read more

    Jobs Skills | How to get JS in Wonderland Online

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    Here is another battle skill in Wonderland Online called Job Skill. Always in server one we can see some player shout at world channel like B> JS for 1m or help JS blab la la la…. 😀 Wow they are so rich to buy it for million… million… gold 😀 JS quest little bit hard because it got 2 parts which is continuing after you done first part. During second part, if our internet connection error causes you offline, then need to start again from beginning. Sad right hahaha…. 😀

    In order to get Jobs Skill, player condition in wonderland must be already Rebirth as Fighter or Mages and choose class. This is because you will obtain skill based on what class you choose during you Rebirth. (Fighter = Killer,Warrior,Knight, or Mages = Wit,Priest, Seer)


    Here is the list of Jobs Skill for Fighter Class Read more