In wonderland online we can change our class character from Soldier to Mage 😀 or Mage to Soldier as long as you got game points to purchase Transfer Mirror from Item Mall Shop. Beside of this special mirror, it required you lots of works of click xD Why click ? you need to click Forgotten Scroll many times haha.. The rule of changing class between Soldier and Mage are. You need to have our character STR and INT attribute in same point total but cannot leave unused point. Example, if you got 100 STR then you need 100 INT too.


STR and INT attribute in same point total


By clicking either Soldier or Mage, now you can see all type of job class, in my case i convert from Seer to Knight, now i can choose Knight Class in Wonderland Online.


By changing from Seer to Knight, we don’t need to repeat do the job skill because it also automatically change after you use Transfer Mirror.


Ta… da… process of changing class are done 😀 now we need another Forgotten scroll to move the point back.

Change character class from Seer to Knights – Transfer Mirror Wonderland

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