Target: Cupid near Holly Village fountain

Pre-quest:  None

Reward: 4.5x Holy EXP Potion

Game Plan: Cupid is near the Holy Village water fountain. You can get reward by answering Cupid question correctly. All question is about Valentine’s Day topic. I think it easy 😀 but I fail many times xD don’t laugh..hehe :D. Ok..Click on Cupid to start the test.

Here some tips question to make you all easy to get reward 😀


Question 1: Which festive day is it before Valentine’s Day

Answer: Lupercalia


Question 2: St. Valentine’s Day is said to have several different origins. Which country’s religious festival could be considered its earliest origin?

Answer: Ancient Rome


Question 3: Which is the name of St. Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Valentine’s Day


Question 4: The ancient Romans had a tradition on 14th February every year. What is it?

Answer: Picking names

Cupid Valentine Present | Cupid WLO | Cupid Wonderland Online
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2 thoughts on “Cupid Valentine Present | Cupid WLO | Cupid Wonderland Online

  • October 12, 2012 at 5:06 am

    thanks for the answer, you made my wlo life easy XD


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