There is some method that we can apply in Wonderland Online to level up character fast and get many EXP per battle, is this cheat? No lol… πŸ˜€ xD players like to call it Cuss Burst. In order to use this kind of train, you will need someone that already Rebirth as Wit and have the Job Skill as Cuss. (Picture below show what is JS Wit – Cuss) πŸ˜€

A good thing about this burst way is you don’t need to have Water Element in team, you can use all fire. Means, 3 fires are helping 1 fire (Noob one xD) to level up πŸ˜€ No need to have many Wits in team burst, just one is enough. Cuss Burst not just for fire, we can use it to train wind, water and earth.

In this post, we will using team with 4 fires so I like to mention here, the noob one fire that about to level.. must already have some assist skill at least like Slowdown, Poison Spell, and Fiery Attack. Make sure, this noob fire have speed little bit, need speed… more than cow and fire attackers so can use assist skill before they attack monster. (No need to add agi) πŸ˜€ Just let the character wear speed equipment. (Cheap one you buy at Cairo NPC Egypt-demon gloves, wand. Speed+ boot you can buy from Oysla)

Best ways to burst is, fire attackers need to be zero speed β€œ0” but if cannot, just adjust the speed which is lower than cow. (Cow can be replace with other pets like horse, shark, pig and more)


Here is the way we can setup Electron Remote for the team 4 Fires

3 Fire Attackers

Fire with Job Skill Wit (JS Wit)


Fire with Dragon Soul skill (DS Murder)


Fire mage


Low level fire (Noob Fire xD) that about to level up


In this team it is better to make the Noob Fire as team leader because, it have speed that will make team move first.

3 Fire Attackers can be any type of fires, as long as 1 of them got JS Wit. Here, you need to make this 3 Fire Attackers got high ATK+ or MATK+ as high as you can, to create big damage hit on monster.

Do not forget during burst, we need to change cow too, for get nice EXP per battle. Low level cow = high EXP per battle, so the best way is change cow when it level 10+. Good luck in train character, hope everyone can become strong in Wonderland Online.

xD Β πŸ˜› Β πŸ˜€

Cuss Burst Wonderland Online |How to train with 4 Fires?|How to train Character Fast in WLO?
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4 thoughts on “Cuss Burst Wonderland Online |How to train with 4 Fires?|How to train Character Fast in WLO?

  • August 15, 2012 at 9:50 am

    I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work πŸ™‚

  • September 5, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    But what about cuss burst with 4 rounds?It’s not good?
    This one with 3 rounds is better?

    • September 5, 2012 at 2:03 pm

      Job Skill Cuss only works for 3 rounds, after 3 rounds the effect cuss gone. Me (^_^)v not sure about the 4 rounds cuss burst with 4 fires.


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