hero of the obeliskBeside Wonderland Online games, maybe you might like to try this game called Hero of The Obelisk. I do try and see how this game works, hehe… it is funny and crazy when you read the chat between you and npc… it got nice class, equipment and also cute character inside the game. The game also got fishing system like inside WLO ^_^ but it got no house or tent system, nah… no problem for that right.  I think it’s good to play this game while waiting for WLO to bring more update the game. 😛

Here is some introduction from the site about the game, it looks interesting haha… >_< let’s together try making a character and playing Hero of the Obelisk.

Hero of the Obelisk is an immersive MMORPG that features many unique and familiar elements from the best of its genre. Set on the continent of Abate, Hero of the Obelisk combines a plethora of fun and challenging dungeons, mixed in with a Hack N’ Slash combat system that will surely keep players on their heels during battle.


Character Creation

Hero of the Obelisk has 3 main classes: Swordsman, Adventurer and Scholar. Each class has their own unique style of play that’ll continue to evolve as the character grows. At specific levels, class advancement becomes available, allowing the character to specialize into one of the two job branches related to the class. This will further differentiate each class and unlock new skills!


You can have up to as many as 5 characters in one account.

HO Hero of the Obelisk

One of the great things about Hero of the Obelisk is that there are no locked genders, giving those who are particular to a class the freedom to play as either male or female. Appearance customization is also quick and simple, allowing you to stylize your character the way you see fit.

Start making your own character in Hero of the Obelisk mmorpg

Adventure class character looks like xD

Adventure class HO hero of the obelisk


Cute anime MMORPG

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