After so long, we notice that igg start make the subserver of wonderland online to go offline or not available. Maybe they try to regroup the player haha… who knows too what they planning hope they will add more update on Wonderland Online English version.

Thank you to my nice friend Xing Hui for the info of pet Angela death quest ^_^ in Chinese version of WLO we can now do the Angela death quest but in English version it not yet complete. The Last part is not yet available.

Here is the step on how you can done this quest, we need to complete this list of quest
1. Get fairy Charlotte and complete the sub quest
How to get pet Charlotte WLO? | Magic Seal Stone | Charlotte Wonderland Online |Ma Stone
a) Free Charlotte Armlet | Fairy Game | Bracelet for Saver
b) Charlotte Drunk after Drink a Wine at Domremy

2. Get demon Eva and complete the sub quest
How to get Eva in WLO ? | Eva the Cute Little Demon Wonderland Online
a) The Dark Sword Eva Wonderland Online | Sword of darkness awakening | Eva Pantie Cow Ghost
b) Misia Wish | Angela meet her Sister Misia | Wonderland Online
c) Angels and Demons Taste | Angela and Eva Picnic
d) Assassin came from Makai
e) Priest being possessed by demon
f) Demon Eva being possessed by Little Girl

3. Get angel Angela and complete the sub quest
How to get Angela in Wonderland Online ? | Angel’s Ordeal | Angela WLO
a) Antruz Escape from Prison Cell WLO | Fallen Angel Advent | Archangel Micheal task of Heaven’s Trove
b) Key of Babylon | Wonderland online The Secret of Hanging Garden | Mysterious

After you done all this quest, bring all 3 Pets in Player team with the quest Item which is Ma Stone and Light Armband, fly to Fire Maple Forest.

Ahhh…. Then To Be Continued…. English version Wonderland Stoped… at here 😀 xD hahaha wait until igg updated it more… The quest are available in WLO Chinese version 😀 relax soon igg will updated too (hopefully lol hahaha)

Thank to the youtube channel chanel7809521 who upload the quest 😀 it has lots of info about the games quest

you all can watch here 😀


Death Quest for Angela wlo | Angela RB WLO quest Wonderland Online

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