radio in wonderlandTarget: Doll stand beside Cooking Pot (X: 1022, Y: 1475)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Radio Set

Game Plan: Click villager named as Doll, who is standing next to the big cooking pot in Kelan Village. He will then ask you to retrieve Hill Peppers from NPC girl name Emilie. Find Emilie near the Kelan Cave entrance (X: 1782, Y: 735) Click on her and she will start ask a question. You must answer correctly to obtain the pepper and return back to Doll again.


emilie answer wloQuestion:

There are 3 children, including me, in my family. The age gap is 2 and the total age is 69. I’m the second child. Can u guess how old I am?


Ten digit?


Units digit?



Guide: Radio is an item used in game to talk in World Channel. You need to be level 10+ to talk with radio in world channel. Talking with radio, consume little bit SP+ too. Double click on radio and choose to world channel.

Dinner Incident | How to talk in World Channel of Wonderland Online?
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