After water fight, now come with earth fight. The event held at Welling Village Server 1 near bond fire. Location and rule all are same from the previous battle of water. Now GM Lala follows the event time, she comes early before the event begins not like before. 😀 I do not know about other people feel or thinking but this time I feel like GM so strict and serious. 😀 Maybe many player spamming at local channel that why become serious hehe..  😀

Earth fight activities so nice, players can join and test how their earths build. 😀 I not manage to capture many battle fight feel so lag that time. After event done, someone request for drop gold but GM said not dropping gold because someone use bot to collect it fast. Then we do PK again with GM 😀 for fun. I like to see GM level 199 it will be nice if level 190rb. In the end, GM drop gold before go offline.

Earth Fight
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