avast antivirus iconI have been using Avast antivirus for my personal computer for the long time. Like always it got nice system to scan and updating for virus definition. Yesterday, I am not sure why, after virus definition updated 😀 it detect Wonderland Online game file (aLogin.exe) as a virus Win32:Evo-gen [Susp].

When Avast detect file as virus suspicious, it will automatically delete your file and put inside Virus Chest. This make your file cannot be open anymore from the desktop shortcut item.

If you are using same antivirus protection like me. Well don’t worry … don’t mad ….keep calm xD and don’t redownload the game again… because it will take long time to wait 😀 lol. What we should do? First, open the Avast Virus Chest. Right click the aLogin.exe file in virus chest list. Then, click “Restore and add to exclusions”.

yay… Now we can play the game.

wonderland virus lol

Eh…? WLO file is suspected as virus o_0
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