monkey-tent-wloWhen we keep play Wonderland Online, suddenly this question popup in mind asking, is there any game online that have similarity to the WLO game? Yeah start the Google engine vroom…vrom.. searching xD.. Then we come cross with the Norn Saber.

Norn Saber is a Chinese game online, that using the same graphic like wlo but it got little bit story Quest and also the game are more on tactical, in my opinion if you know how to play chess then it was like that 😀 but Norn Saber are more interesting because it got house or tent like wlo xD haha… Even though the game are in Chinese language, they is some community that build the game into English version, all you need is to download their patch. If you like to find this Norn Saber game, just search Norn Saber English version, the google will show you :p (I lazy to show how) haha just follow the instruction to download and play. By the ay not all can play this game, some region are restricted like me xD lol haha.. then you need to find other server ho hosted the game.

Norn Saber battle


Fantasy War Tactic battle


Well if you interested to play tactical game like this Norn Saber, there are some android game that got similarity called Fantasy War Tactics. The game are from Nexon company, in this game I suggest that you use big screen like tablet to play it because it no feeling to play for small screen xD haha.. it got nice effect game and also funny story to read. The character are bit cute and funny too. You can download by search for Fantasy War Tactics
on Google Play Store.


Do u still remember Norn Saber xD the tactics game the one use wlo character? Here is Fantasy War Tactics ^_^ an android game haha it got meow as a pet

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Fantasy War Tactics – Norn Saber – Wonderland Online
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2 thoughts on “Fantasy War Tactics – Norn Saber – Wonderland Online

  • July 10, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    Do you know any game that has compounding equipment feature like wlo? My main char in wlo is a compounder and at the same time a fighter so I don’t get to compound every 2x exp.

    • August 10, 2016 at 7:02 pm

      i think many game got compound equip but hmm.. yeah it not same like wlo which required us to get material and play with the compound element..


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