Target: Mystic Old Man Church Holy Village 2 (X: 2082, Y: 655)quest-find-the-courage-stone-wlo

Pre-quest: None

Reward: 15% EXP Capsule, Cat Eye Rings (Mdef +3, Max SP +30), 2* Stars

Game Plan: Meet the Mystic old man at Holy Village (X: 2082, Y: 655) and click to activate the quest. He need us to find the Brave Stone at Maka Cave. 😀 What are you waiting for xD start walking lol haha… Follow the map guide innside Make Cave and you will be battle with Large moster stone. We need to kill it to obtain the brave stone. When you done it 😀 go back to Holy Village and meet the Mystic old man again.

Map Guide

wonderland online brave stone

hohoho…. xD


Find the Courage Stone | Old man courage stone Holy Village WLO
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