burst damage wonderland online fireLevel up character in Wonderland Online taking some time and you need to be patient. Some of them might just buy burst service or some they just easily feel bored with the game. In other word all of us just want to level up fast hehehe… Well in burst concept, the highest damage you make, the higher EXP you can get. Means that we need to have high ATK+ or MATK+  in order to create high damage on monster.

One of the idea is making a pure fire STR character 😀 Firstly, you need to add 42 WIS in character to get assistant skill. You need to have assist skill called Slowdown, Poison, and Mess, so that you can burst your character using Cuss Burst with all fire element in team. Burst slowly 😀 no need to rush, it might take like 1 month or more to get level 180.

Fire Character burst WLOPure STR Character means, all you have in point attribute is STR and WIS and the rest is zero.  (STR = 502, CON=0, INT=0, WIS=42, AGI=0) Fire burst character can give a big help during burst time 😀 it can create high damage and you can easy obtain high EXP.  Now time for you to make your own Fire Burst Character 😀


Fire Burst Character
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2 thoughts on “Fire Burst Character

  • December 9, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    Good article, but I suggest adding no more than 11 wis on a pure str/int fire, that’s all it needs to burst until it becomes a rb. Using mess instead of poison spell doesn’t make much of a difference in the obtained exp and I consider it to be a waste of sp. 11 wis indeed doesn’t provide a big amount of sp but it becomes decent at high levels and it is more than enough for bursting at any level.
    I also suggest rb-ing the character at level 100, since it can level up faster after rb and therefore gain str faster ( I’m doing that right now, but only because I started from the beginning in a new server and it helps in bursting my main accounts there.); training will be troublesome with such a little hp, but it’s possible if you have a water to heal or you just fight at lower level mobs.

    • December 14, 2014 at 11:24 pm

      yeah u r right ^_^ but depend sometimes people like wis becoz lazy to use SP pot xD hahaha


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