Target: Turque person who are fishing at jetty Holly Village (X: 3262, Y: 335)

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Click on Turque, he will ask you to catch Pink Earthworm and teach you fishing skill. Walk back to Kama Cave the one cave between Kelan Village and Welling Village. Go at (X: 2802, Y: 1255) or walk everywhere, we can see Pink Earthworm. Catch it and return to Holy Village. Click on Turque again and choose option “Let It Go”.

Reward: Fishing Skill and Star


  1. Some monster can be catch easy some not catchable.
  2. Hit worm until its HP left 5% to 10%. Then we can catch it. Make sure got enough room for pet and the level gap or different between monster and player below 5 level.
  3. If we choose option “Kill them” only get fishing skill NO star.
Fish Food | How to get Fishing Skill in Wonderland Online
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