Target: Left corner of Fairy Village (X: 862, Y: 1495)

Pre-quest: Magic Seal Stone

Reward: Armlet for Charlotte

Game Plan: After get Charlotte join in team, there is one simple fairy game that you can play to obtain Charlotte armlet. Walk to left corner of your map in Fairy Village (X: 862, Y: 1495) and then click on the spirit. She will invite you to play fairy game. 😀 if you win, you can get special item for your pet Charlotte. (MaxHp: +200, SPD: +200)

How to play? 😀 Just move your mouse go left or right, avoid collect bomb xD, watch the video here…


** In case you lost armlet or broke it, you can always go back to this place and no more game to play.

Free Charlotte Armlet | Fairy Game | Bracelet for Saver
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