Yay now we are in the year of 2013, lots of nice memory from the previous year, happy, sadness, bad, nightmare and more. Forget about the bad one, lets together with a new hope and wish to make a new day of life in this year of 2013. Hihihi…. Need to learn write 2013 and not 2012 xD. Week before I always busy on Christmas holiday seasons and follow by cousin wedding event and New Year count down, I think it is not too late for me to wish all the Wonderland Online players 😀 xD Happy New Year 2013, yay~ ohh the New Pack event in WLO still going on until 8 Jan, hope you all get many packs xD 😀

Wonderland Online New Year 2013 wlo

Let’s learn little bit about Chinese Calendar 2013 or some people say Chinese Zodiac Calendar, what is Chinese Animal Years for this year of 2013? The answer is Snake, 2013 year of the Snake. When or what date of Chinese New Year 2013? It is 10-02-2013. xD don’t forget to add in your calendar 😀 it’s holiday.

Happy New Year 2013 to all Wonderland Online players
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