Target: Inca cave (X: 4288, Y: 4092)

Pre-quest: Magic SealĀ Stone (must get Charlotte first)

Reward: Eva joins your team

Game Plan: Before you get Eva, make sure you done Charlotte quest first. I mean you must get Charlotte before get Eva. Second thing, you need to get green Magic Key, to open the magic cave door. The magic key is at the main town Angkor Wat. In the previous guide getting charlotte, I did mention to get this key. In case you lost the key, you can refer the guide map below.


Next, you and your team need to go to Inca. You can sail to left from North Island Sailor or use UFO to spawn instantly to Inca šŸ˜€ heheā€¦Ā  Outside Inca, enter the left cave (X: 4288, Y: 4092) and then start to walk follow the guide map below until you reach the Evil Altar. Here you can see weird bottle on magic array and paper on wall. The paper on wall, mentions that people who touch the Dark Sword must be cursed.



If you ready, click on the bottle to start the story and battle. You will battle with 4 annoying mummy and Eva demon. It looks easy but monsters will keep seal you and Eva attack is hard. If your level 50+ you might need nice team to help you kill monster.

How to get Eva in WLO ? | Eva the Cute Little Demon Wonderland Online
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