Target: Fairy Village | Alfer Village


1- Fairy Snow Island

2- Enter the Magic World

3- Canyon Fairy

Reward: Ma Stone , Charlotte joins your team

Game Plan: Charlotte is Wind type element pet, which is useful for player who have passion to train it bet become their wind pet ride. How to get Charlotte in WLO? Easy 😀 make sure you done all the pre-quest above before you do this last part. Okie…. ^_^

Part 1 (Meet Elven Elder)

After done Canyon Fairy quest, you need to walk again to the Back Jungle (outside the Hilltop cave).

Next, start walk in jungle into the Fairy Village (on the left corner of your map). 🙂 You can refer guide map below.  Click on Elven Elder, she will start explain to you about fairy spirit important tasks. Here the story about Three Holy Tools will begin. 😀


Part 2 (Get Ma Stone – One of the Holy Tools)

Elven Elder explains that the Ma Stone placed in Holy Land in Angkor guarded by Holy Beast. You need to pass challenge to get it, because of Humans are unable to enter Holy Land, Charlotte will help you there. Yay…. xD 😀 Now walk back to Angkor Wat (hehe… so many walking here in this quest). Next, enter the Main Town of Angkor, walk by follow the guide map below. Last door, you will meet Charlotte and she will help you open the Holy Land door.

If you done all the pre-quest correctly, there is a yellow question mark on your map after you enter the Holy Land in Angkor. Follow the sign on map and click the Holy Beast to start battle. You need to WIN this battle to obtain that Ma Stone. The battle easy, tips kill the giant size first because it not spawns. Then kill the small one, it spawn like two three times each. Lastly, after you done battle, bring the Ma Stone back to Elven Elder. ( 😀 walk again…hehehe..this is last one xD don’t complain so much hihihi )

** The two others holy tools or items are called Bright Shield and Dark Sword.




Tips – Green Magic Key to get Eva cute Little Demon

If you plan to get Eva after you get Charlotte, you will need to get this Green Magic Key before you return to Elven Elder. (You can refer this walk guide map)

This will save your time from walking so long again. After you obtain it, you can keep in your storeroom and take it out, when you going to get Eva at any time.


After you bring Ma Stone back to Elven Elder, Charlotte will you in team. This show how Charlotte Stat when level 1. Good Luck getting Charlotte

How to get pet Charlotte WLO? | Magic Seal Stone | Charlotte Wonderland Online |Ma Stone
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