Hey today I going to share with you all on how we can make Twin Bluemoon Blade in Wonderland Online. Yeah haha.. compounding time xD There is many recipe you can follow, nah.. I am not force you all follow this one haha this is just guide to be share. 😀

 Twin Bluemoon Blade

Rank = R39

Base material = Titanium / Iron / Pure Iron / Steel

* Ok the material got 4 part and we need material that can reach that rank 39 something like rank 32


Material Part One (Titanium)

First make Titanium (which equipment is Titanium base – easy to remember is Jade helmet)

Jade helmet is rank 26, base material (Titanium / Jade)


Start with making Titanium ^_^

Refined Titanium R18 (buy at Hawaii Shop) + Sea Amor R18 (buy at Cairo)

= Long Handled Axe R22 (u can use this)

= Blue Spear R21 (turn it into Titanium Sword R22) -> Blue Spear + Vertical Wings


Then, Red Jade Necklace R22

Easy just try again n again until you get one – > Black Jade R25 + Black Jade R25


 Jade Helmet (R22 + R22 = R26)

  1. a) Long Handled Axe + Red Jade Necklace + Alchemy Book 1 or 2
  2. b) Titanium Sword + Red Jade Necklace + Alchemy Book 1 or 2
  3. c) Blue Spear + Red Jade Necklace + Blue Spear + Alchemy Book 1 or 2

*** using alchemy book is optional but because of Jade Helmet always keep fail and fail for me xD (idk why) so I use it to get 95% successful.


So now we need to make the Titanium go to rank 32 and above which is

Dragon Helmet (R32) or Snow Helmet (R33)

Base material is Titanium/Gold

Start find gold base rank 26 xD ….that will be Arm Bracers (Gold) and Golden Hatchet (Gold/Steel)

Use the cheap and free material from instance, Blue War Bracer (Rank 31) as your starting material

Now make Arm bracer by using any material rank 25 above, the easy one is Black Jade (R25)

Keep try Blue War Bracer + Black Jade it can be random item but u might get Arm Bracer. xD


Golden Hatchet bit easy to make, because it required steel material so we use the instance item too which is the Water Aurora Sword and Water Aurora Shoes. (R25)

Blue war bracer + Water Aurora Sword or Shoes = Golden Hatchet


If u got many Dragon’s Wing Spear from Curse Palace event u can use it to make Golden Hatchet but u need Two Blue war bracer

You can try this

Blue War Bracer + Dragon’s Wing Spear + Blue War Bracer = Golden Hatchet


Final step is using the Book 4 to make Dragon Helmet

Jade Helmet + Golden Hatchet + Book 4 = Dragon Helmet/ Snow Helmet

Jade Helmet + Arm Bracer + Book 4 = Dragon Helmet/Snow helmet



Material Part 2 (Iron)

Now we need to make Western Sword rank 32 (Iron/Copper)

Iron is like easy to make, I think so hahaha lol.. after the 20 Rounds Challenge event being release inside Wonderland Online, all player who manage to finish the event can get high Iron equipment called Chaos Hammer R45…. (not the hammer weight -600t xD)

Copper material we can use the Bronze Ring R30, we can obtain it from instance event too

What we need to is compound this two item

Chaos Hammer + Bronze Ring = Western Sword


Material Part 3 (Pure Iron)

We need to make Blue Armor rank 32 (Pure Iron/Titanium)

For this part we will need alchemy book 3. Pure Iron also can be obtain for free from instance event 😀 xD just keep doing it every day until you get a Twin Swords R36

For Titanium :D:$ u can use Jade Helmet.. Refer back stating this post on how can make Jade helmet.

Then compound it 😀 to make Blue Armor r32

Twin Swords + Jade helmet + Book 3 = Blue Armor


Material 4 (Steel)

In this last part material 😀 we need to make Iron Helmet rank 32 (Not the iron man helmet xD lol)

Base material is (Steel/Jade)

This easy to make if u have Dragon’s Wing Spear 😛 and the instance ring called Ring of King (red color xD)

Dragon’s Wing Spear + Ring of King = Iron Helmet


Finally, the last step to make Twin Bluemoon Blades

Here you need alchemy book 4 and combine all the material 1 to 4

Ta.. da…. 😀 xD muhahaha..

Dragon/Snow helmet + Western Sword + Blue Armor + Iron Helmet + Book 4 = Twin Bluemoon Blades


*** All the compound above are using Superior Alchemy and You don’t need high level alchemy to make it 😀 just Superior Alchemt level 12 or more

How to make Twin Bluemoon Blade in WLO
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