This June 2015, IGG celebrate its 9th Anniversary yay.. they got nice event on Clash of Lords 2 wah.. they are giving you the chance to get your hands on some exclusive Clash of Lords 2 T-shirts, Posters and Gift Codes! You can read the news at here..


Happy Anniversary IGG (I Got Games) hohoho…. But why u not make event on Wonderland Online too : (

Oh.. yah.. before in my previous post about the Whaff Reward App. Here I like to share again the my experience 😀 First I like to say that I being banned using the whaff app huhu.. my account being banned because they said I cheated using vpn. Huhuhu…. But I never cheat T.T … then I mail the support team then explain to them about my ip internet home and mobile data ip. After few hours, My account fixed and available again but they cut $2. Na na.. I bit mad too.. but I continue use it even though I mad n sad, until I reach again the minimum payout which is $10.50. So I request it again… after 2 and 3 days I got email from PayPal. 😀

Yay… they reward me again.. Here is my 2nd payment $10 by Whaff

whaff payment


whaff payment second times


If you like to know more about Whaff app you can read my previous post 😀 Here about Whaff Reward App


Updated **

*** This whaff apps are harmful apps , cannot be trusted – read here Whaff Reward apps harmful apps

IGG 9th Anniversary 2015 and my 2nd payment from Whaff

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