fb-eyesSpeed makes your character move fast in battle. Highest speed can give us a chance to move or attack first during in battle. How can we increase speed in Wonderland Online character? Easy XD every time your character level up, put some point on AGI section. AGI will increase speed character, more AGI you put more speed you get.

XD if you put all point character in AGI, you can be pure speed but less power in attack or defence hehehe….maybe will be die by only one hit from enemy.

high agi wlo

Speed also can be increased by wearing speed equipment (+SPD). Even though your characters focus on STR or INT, you can still move first in battle if you wear high speed EQ. hehehe be smart xD

swift saddle wlo

Next is pet ride with Swift Saddle, this method required us to purchase swift saddle from the Item Mall. Swift saddle give us 1/3 speed from the pet we ride, example if the pet speed is 300, ride with swift saddle give us 100 speed ^_^. In this case we need to train pet ride to be high level and use pet scroll to wash all pet point to AGI.

Example pet ride is Naughty Monkey

monkey naughty wlo



Result of ride pet ^_^

speed character = 1722 spd

naughty monkey with swift saddle = 645 spd

speed character after ride = 2034 spd

speed character wonderland with ride pet



How to ride pet in Wonderland Online xD ask others in the game 😀

Increase Character Speed in WLO
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