Target: Injured Momotaro at Ghost Isle Cave

Pre-quest: Companion of Momotaro Peach Boy

Reward: Pet Return Scroll, Tao Rice Ball and 1500 EXP

Game Plan: First you must do the pre-quest then go to Ghost Isle, refer the guide map below and enter the Ghost Isle Cave. Click on Momotaro that lay injured on floor, he will request you for 3 Stuffed Buns. Use Kitchen Range to cook the buns, you might need to find material like Pork Meat, Barley and Firewood to cook 3 stuffed buns. After Momotaro recover, follow and help him in battle with ghost. Momotaro and you will be in team battle so in this case, you only can bring 3 players in team. The fight, easy 😛 no worry.


Guide Map Ghost Isle Cave WLO


Material to make Stuffed Buns at Kitchen Range


Save Momotaro Companion


Battle with Ox-Headed Demon

Momotaro battle with demon | Demon too strong for Momotaro | Save Momotaro WLO
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