Here is another battle skill in Wonderland Online called Job Skill. Always in server one we can see some player shout at world channel like B> JS for 1m or help JS blab la la la…. 😀 Wow they are so rich to buy it for million… million… gold 😀 JS quest little bit hard because it got 2 parts which is continuing after you done first part. During second part, if our internet connection error causes you offline, then need to start again from beginning. Sad right hahaha…. 😀

In order to get Jobs Skill, player condition in wonderland must be already Rebirth as Fighter or Mages and choose class. This is because you will obtain skill based on what class you choose during you Rebirth. (Fighter = Killer,Warrior,Knight, or Mages = Wit,Priest, Seer)


Here is the list of Jobs Skill for Fighter Class

Killer JS known as Murder (Physical Attack) = Bashes the sealed target

Ha… XD how to explain this JS Murder? It is like this… we know that fire element is weak to water element and that make fire cannot kill water monster easy but by using this JS Murder fire can easy kill water monster.. Yaaa


Warrior JS known as Holy Shield (Assistant Skill) = Reflect MATK for single attack

This skill gives us shield protection from mage type monster. It bounces or reflects back 2000 MATK damage to those who attack you. Example in PK, if you on Holy Shield, your friend use single attack mage with damage total 4000, only 2000 hit on you the rest 2000 hit your friends back XD. (IF you both got less than 2000 HP, you both will be die XD ) Oh..yah..the shield stands for 3 rounds. 😛


Knight JS known as Knight’s Spirit (Assistant Skill) = Shield three allies

Knight JS is very famous skill.. Everyone loves it because the spirit helps to protect 3 players in line inside team. It makes them resist from any seal for 2 rounds.


Here is the list of Jobs Skill for Mages Class

Wit JS known as Cuss (Assistant Skill) = add 50% target’s damage

Wit JS is useful in battle when there is no water to use GS Skill Shrink on monster. It makes our hit damage bigger on monster. That why Cuss skill use on burst to train or leveling character fast. It stay for 3 rounds.


Priest JS known as Rest (Assistant Skill) ( 😀 maybe rest in peace XD)  = Stops the dead from reviving

Priest JS is unique 😀 it make target rest in peace for 4 rounds… Hahaha 😀 It useful for hard quest, when the monster has ability to revive others back, we can use on it before monster go alive back JL… It’s annoying when we already tired kill it suddenly others so easy revive them.


Seer JS known as Foretell (Assistant Skill) = Frees the unprepared target

People mostly don’t like Seer JS because it only target one ally, not like Knight JS which is 3 in line. Hihihi.. it sound like seer so poor..  It weird skill too XD 😀 It free you from any seal but first round other still can seal you 😀 In my opinion it useful to protect someone who use Knight JS, example… inside one team, knight protect others 3 but knight itself not been protected, so we can use Seer JS to cover Knight so everyone safe JL.

 How to get JS in Wonderland Online Game

Ok enough with the introduction, now here I like to share to you all how to do JS quest easy. Hehehe… not so easy but at lease can help you done the quest by yourself.


Before you do the hard JS quest, firstly we need to get the Tomb Path Map. We need this map to enter inside Chin Shi Huang’s Tomb. In order to do this quest we need to walk from China Fishing Village to Chang’an Village and get into cave.

Inside this cave, we need to walk again follow the guide map below

Battle to get map is easy the soldier not too strong. They just normal soldiers 😀 HP and speed low don’t worry much here… hehe

Reward: Tomb Path Map and Holy EXP Potion 3X


After done this part, now walk by follow this guide map to enter Chin Shi Huang’s Tomb.

Ok..ok… Now 😀 first prepare all support or supply item. Here some item you can use.. XD

Baked potatos or Hot Potato 8 or 10 or more, If don’t have use pestle attack IM or ask friend who have it.. to help you. Don’t forget pay them repairing pot 😛

Food.. Yeah this is so important, bring nice food. Nice mean not delicious but food with high HP and SP, you can stock many…. Hawaiian Pizza from Maha instance.

Delay Clock, JS quest got limit 2 Hours per round I think so just in case we kill slowly. Quester provide your own clock haha…

Escape button, why ? because I don’t like the monster use terra on me, so can out fast during battle and join back.

Feather , how to use feather for hard quest? When someone in team going to throw potato, others must on that time use feather on it, so even he or she die… they still can be revive on time to throw potato.

You can bring other item if you like…

Ok now First Part.. Soldier Level 165

–          They move random speed, if they move first, restart battle. XD cheat… hahaha

–          Use Potato or Attack Pestle to drain their SP. Drain all soldiers SP is good option so you can battle easy but you must remember you got limit Hot Potato and Attack Pestle might break too. Here the most important to drain SP is Fire and Earth. If you like you can drain water soldier too…sometimes the sleep spell annoying too 😀

–          The soldier can make you fly if they already use Hot Fire.. that’s why drain SP Fire first.

–          Earth soldier like to terra and Water use Sleep spell that why nice to use escape button hihihi…

–          Wind not so dangerous, they like to vanish only but they will hit hard if got Hot Fire

–          Always bring pet let them stay defend as decoy haha.. can use to attack if get chance.

Here you can set your strategy based on your team. In my case my team noob one, if I already drain SP Fire and Earth. I kill fire first (back and in front )because they not spawn. Second water in front (water->earth) kill until they not spawn anymore. Next water behind (water-> water) and now can choose earth in front or back line. Me always go for earth in front because after that will come out wind. Lastly kill Wind type. Always kill until not spawn before go next monster to secure us not dead 😀 😛 Nah it depend how your team ok… 😀 ^^v peace

Oh yah… if your team all with low HP, Earth character are needed especially earth with high HP earth tank 😀 Fire killer when you inside team remember…defend first until you had been protected by Stone Wall earth then you can attack.


 Second Part

Ok this part continually after you done first part….. but it delays by the chat of dragon. In this case, questers DON’T CLICK fast. Others need a time to full heal first or if want to go toilet this is good time 😀 XD but don’t take so long. Quester can open another window to chat with team, to know if they are ready or not to continue for second part. TWO things need to remember here… ONE Quester DON’T try to log out, disconnect or run battle it will make you restart battle from first part…. TWO Jumpers (the one try to join battle to help) do not join in team… because if the leader team runs…. it make others who join will automatic out too XD it make quester alone in battle hihihi…

In this part, Giant Dragon level 186 and Soldiers level 165. It is a individual speed battle, Dragon speed not sure maybe 2000+ speed, to move first in battle player need 1250+speed and 1350+ speed to out speed wind soldier.


How to do JS second part? Again depend how your team speed or slow, high HP or low HP. In my case my noob team, I slowly kill dragon first in the same time, drain fire soldier because I scare of his hot fire 😀 Next, drain earth soldier SP and keep kill dragon until it die. ( To secure your battle, best way is drain SP fire soldier, the dragon, earth then water soldier).

Time to kill all soldiers after the dragon dead, always remember…. kill until they not spawn before move to other. Start with earth behind, follow by earth in front, water, wind and lastly fire. If you have good earth sealer character, it very nice to use them here in this battle, to keep seals every new spawn.

Yay finaly, prepare 5 stars to exchange for new Jobs Skill…. Click here if you need to see Star Quest List in Wonderland Online.

Jobs Skills | How to get JS in Wonderland Online
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