Target: Huge Megapod Beast in Hanging Gardenhuge beast wonderland


Pre-quest: None just bring Angela


Reward: Key of Babylon, 3% EXP Capsule, 1x Star, Angela amity rise


Game Plan:

Using your vehicle hoho… start fly and enter the Hanging Garden near the Athens. Walk and enter the building we can see a Huge Megapod Beast beside the treasure chest. Maybe he is the guardian of the chest lol.. hahaha.. Don’t worry the quest are easy, click on the beast start fight.

The Huge one not spawn, just the small Megapod spawn like 3 times. After done battle click on the chest, you can obtain a Key of Babylon.

Go out from the room and then walk again to the next room, you will see are yellow question mark here you need a key to open the jail door xD 😀 Here the beast little bit easy to battle it just Huge eagle that easy to kill.

Oh yah even though it easy, better bring you friend because sometimes the battle might be hard haha… yeah not fun if you do solo solo kill the eagle.



After done fighting, step on the circle it will bring you to the Hanging Garden of Babylon. Bring Angela to the Top Right Corner to see the beautiful view. Here Angela will be hold your hand with smile and happy.

Key of Babylon | Wonderland online The Secret of Hanging Garden | Mysterious
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