Target: Kikutaro at Yamataikoku (X: 962, Y: 1695)

Pre-quest: None

Reward:  5000 EXP and Star

Game Plan: In this quest you need to have transport or vehicle at least a boat, also you need to prepare gold 25k. It needs you to travel then go back again and buy some pill. First you need to find sumo Kikutaro.  He stands on left house from the gate of Yamataikoku. (X: 962, Y: 1695) Click on him to start ask what his problem. He needs your help to buy Diet Pills in Kyoto grocery.




Travel to Kyoto, and then buy the magic diet pills from the props keepers in Kyoto Grocery Shop. It cost you 25,000 gold ;( so expensive huhuhu… after purchase it, go back to Kikutaro at Yamataikoku. Finally, after eat the amazing diet pill… he still not slim xD haha…

Kikutaro dream become a model in Wonderland Online| Kikutaro Summer WLO
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