peace animeLike usual Wonderland Online will have Double EXP event for all players in the game server and this week is 2X for Hot Summer hehehe…. My place here don’t have other season always warm and hot huhuhu.. What you should know during double EXP event?

Ok first, about bursting character to be high level. We cannot use EXP potion to burst character or pet. It only increases your cow level and makes your EXP decrease, avoid use EXP potion during burst there is no effect or not help you gain level at all. I suggest that you all to burst during Double EXP event ^_^ hehehe… Burst in 2X time is very nice because you will be happy to see you get high EXP.

EXP potion only works when you attack monster either you use skill or normal attack. Again.. Don’t use EXP potion when burst xD 😀 The best time using EXP potion is during Double EXP event because it multiplies the EXP you get during 2X time.

Here some simple calculation 😀

2x EXP Potion on double EXP = 4x EXP

3x EXP Potion on double EXP = 6x EXP

Example you always get 300 EXP, when come to Double EXP you can get = 600 EXP….. Then you use 10x EXP Potion…. You can get 6000 EXP


compound wloNext is about, Life Skill in Wonderland Online like mining, fishing, alchemy and more. Based on my experience, Double EXP event only works on levelling character and pet. There is no effect on levelling this Life Skill. Some player makes fun on World Channel by telling others he or she level up fast alchemy skill by compound item Double EXP hehehe…. Don’t trust them, it just joke 😀


Happy Levelling everyone…if you have question just simple drop comment to me or mail me. xD  😀

Levelling during Double EXP in Wonderland Online
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