Ocean Heart Piece

item of ocean heart pieceIn Wonderland Online Games, sometimes when we travel and explore the world of wonderland. We suddenly get this kind of item called Ocean Heart Piece. I was wonder too, what this item used for? Some info mentions that it needs to open the secret door at Maka Cave. I think the quest is not yet available so we still need to wait. Well if you are going to get all the heart pieces, here I share some info for the place. If I miss some place or way to get it, please do comment and let me know. Share is caring, hehe… 😀 Thank you very much.


Secret Door in Maka Cave

quest heart piece wlo



List Quest of Ocean Hear Piece in Wonderland Online

1.     Floating Barrel behind Holy Village Church

2.    Chest on Top Capitol Welling Village WLO

3.     Jack’s Blue Flower 

4.    Something Inside Pond North Island WLO

5.    Date of Jack and Ross on Top Kama Cave WLO

6.    Barrel at the Sea South Island WLO

7.    Secrets of the Ocean Heart

8.    Floating Barrel in Domremy France Wonderland Online

9.    Hidden Chest on top of Athens Opera Hall

10.  Heart Pieces in Big Earthen Vas Chang’ An


Anyone know where the other Ocean Heart Piece ? ^_^


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