Yesterday during White Day event, IGG team make a big … big … BIG and special 😀 discount for all Wonderland Item Mall stuff. Hihihi… lucky that I see the announcement when I visit WLO official site weeeee…… 😀 during the event, pet fruit and the equipment are all at 75% discount. While Strong scroll and training voucher are 45% discount. Then, what makes me happy is… the furniture and groceries are all up to 60% off.

Maid Box Wonderland Online PackNah…lets shopping… 😀 hihihihi.. This time I brought Maid box and 2 new suits which are Pumpkin Suit and Succubus Suit. Many players are misunderstood about maid robot function. Let me explain little bit, basic maid robot only help player to manufacture item inside tent. When maid do the manufacture job, players can go outside tent and do the other works like leveling or collect material or PK xD :D.

Succubus Pumpkin Suit Wonderland Online


Shopping for Maid Box, Succubus and Pumpkin Suit

Shopping in Item Mall WLO

wlo maid robot

You can upgrade Maid Robot into Wit Maid Robot by using Wisdom Crystal. It takes like 11 minutes to upgrade. After successful upgrade, now your Maid Robot can Speak 😀 she will call you master hehehe…  you also can access your bank item and pet hotel just inside your tent. 🙂 So nice… right 😀 Next, you can change your Maid Robot clothes to Rabbit, Cat, Pumpkin or Succubus Suit.


Maid Robot Suit Wonderland Online

WLO Maid Robot Wisdom CrystalMaid box is like package which contain Maid Robot and Wisdom Crystal. It is little bit cheap if we buy in package rather than buy separately. When you click Maid Box, you can only see wisdom crystal in you item, the maid robot will be pack inside your tent. You need to enter your tent and then click the small button on the right bottom of your WLO game screen “Pick up the Furniture”.

Here is my Maid Robot =^_^=

my wonderland online maid robot

Maid Box, Pumpkin and Succubus Suit in Wonderland White Day
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