Target : Zheng He NPC. (on Zhenghe Fleet )

Pre-quest: Master Sanbao, where are you?

Game Plan: Click on Zheng He NPC he will talk about sailing then suddenly many pirates come. His guards run away. We will join Zheng He in battle to fight pirate. It easy battle no spawn just 3 enemies. Next, go down deck or enter tent to begin new scene.


Now on deck Zheng He gone, only left 2 Chinese guards sleeping, click on them. Go down deck and enter the first room and click Chinese guard. Suddenly a mystic girl enter the room 😀 and she accuse you for captured his father and kill the others. Here you will battle with mystic girl. (lvl 135 HP+18520). Click on the letter left by the pirate.

Reward: Rock Armlet (DEF+50, MaxHp +350) and Amber Devil Spar +4 Attributes.


  1. Speed 214+ can move first but need like 300+ to out speed boss Chen Zuyi and Mystic Girl




Marine Exploration
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