What Material Type Mystic Eagle Headdress and Chaos Hammer ???

In Wonderland Online update from 15 round to 20 Rounds challenge. We can get many reward as capsule and big magical eggs and together with the nice equipment Mystic Eagle Headdress or Chaos Hammer.

Here I wonder what type of material this two equipment because it got high rank 45 maybe suitable to do compound.

Hahaha… I take many week to success passed the 20 Round Challenger to get many same equipment to test this. Ok here we go….


Mystic Eagle Headdre material type…

Mystic Eagle Headdre Wlo

Jeng….jeng…jeng… xD

Wlo equipment mysterious bracers


Now the Chaos Hammer

chaos hammer 20r


Ting… tong…ting…tong xD hahaha

wave iron sword wonderland online

Now we all know what type it is so happy compound xD everyone.

Mysterious Bracer – Platinum

Wave Iron Sword – Iron

Material Type Mystic Eagle Headdress and Chaos Hammer
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2 thoughts on “Material Type Mystic Eagle Headdress and Chaos Hammer

  • January 5, 2015 at 9:39 am

    You got Mystic Eagle Headdre from 20r? Or from Eggs?


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