avignon enteranceJoan of Arc is a human pet in Wonderland Online. Joan is women with water element type and based of STR type pet. In order to get this beautiful pet. Let’s follow the quest. It begin with meeting Joan on her way to France. Here in this quest your will help her in the battle.

Target: Joan

Pre-quest: None

Reward: 2% EXP Capsule

Game Plan:
You can start from Athens, Rome or Cairo to enter the Avignon Jungle. Then, walk to Gorge follow the map red line. Here you can meet Joan, click to start the quest.

meet joan of arc

Here you can see, what to kill first, which not spawn xD

strategy in joan first quest



Most monster HP is 16k and 11k it got spell hot fire, freeze, sleep some say to move first need speed like 650+ speed when I do this quest, my char got like 850+ speed 😀 so I think it easy to do the quest.

Meeting Joan of Arc
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