angela sister appearTarget: Cherry Forest with Angela and Eva

Pre-quest: The Dark Sword Eva

Reward: Light Armband, 3% EXP Capsule, and Star

Game Plan: Make sure you done the pre-quest and condition is Angela and Eva is inside your team. Walk from Kyoto, Japan towards Hill Road and walk again to Cherry Forest on the left map. In this forest, Angela suddenly feels something and the chat story will begin here. (^_^) Continue walk and enter the Secret Cave in the middle of the Cherry Forest.

Inside the Secret Cave, there will be a puzzle key that you need to solve to enter more deep of the cave. Here I not sure if the way to solve is same for every player or not, but somehow I do record how I solve it. You can refer the guide map below. 😀 Let me know if you follow it and can finish the quest.


Here how the way I do it, (refer the guide below)

–          walk follow the arrow in map A

–          in map B, follow the arrow too and CLICK on the button inside the cave

–          map C, again walk follow the arrow and CLICK the button inside the cave

–          next, walk follow the arrow in map D and E

–          in map E, enter the door to enter other side cave (Map F)

–          in Map F, CLICK all the button follow the order 1, 2 and 3

–          go up again and REPEAT what you do just now in the Map A B C and D

–          then go to map G, follow the arrow to walk

–          Now in Map H and map I , follow the arrow to move.


Ohh yah sometimes when you click the button, xD Giant Troll will appear to attack hihihi…



Lastly,  you will meet Misia, Angela’s Sister by click on the armlet but before that you will battle with Guard and Spirit. The battle easy just, the spirits are little bit annoying. After battle done, Misia will explain about King Howert.

You can refer battle monster level here, to make sure your EQ safety

Misia appear

Misia Wish | Angela meet her Sister Misia | Wonderland Online
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