wonderland online staff sign upEvery Tuesday in the morning at my time Sabah, Malaysia I get ready my team to join National Treasure event. The event look easy but sometimes make players mad and cry 😀 xD hehe… to join this event NT all you need to do is to bring your character or team to Capitol Welling 4th floor and click on Sign-Up Staff because of the different time you might need to refer at official site of Wonderland Online. In this event of National Treasure, you need to enter 5 rooms and final action will be battle with ox demon head.

Each room you can see many treasure chests on floor, you need to click and open it to find key for the next door. Empty chest will make you and team battle with the monster. Each room got different monster and their level were high and higher for the next room, so you need to be prepare. 😀 Sometime if you are lucky hehe… (me always bad luck 🙁 ) you can get key from the first chest 😀 then you can skip fight with many monster but for the final room, you need to fight in order to obtain Big Magical Egg, 😀

magical egg wonderland online

Why I join National Treasure? From this event I can obtain free              registration voucher which is can be used in Cursed Palace event. Sometimes the magical egg and big magical egg give nice reward 😀 like gold key, alchemy book for compound, fun token to play Item Mall game and EXP potion. Hehe… that why it fun to join it 😀 below is some pic from National Treasure event in WLO.

Oh.. ya i forgot to tell that, if you disconnect during battle or inside National Treasure room or you try run from battle, you will be automatically remove and spawn back to the entrance door near sign-up staff. Then, you need to use registration voucher to enter the room back.

Room 1 battle

NT room 1 wlo



Room 2 battle

room 2 NT wlo



Room 3 battle

chest at national treasure wlo room 3


room 3 national treasure wonderland



Room 4 battle

room 4 NT wlo


Room 5 battle

room 5 wlo National treasure


martina room 5 wlo nt



Final room

first chest final round wlo


second chest wlo nt final room

battle with ox demon head wlo


battle with ox demon head wonderland online national treasure


National Treasure WLO event
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