Yay… now WLO release the new patch called WLO Power Expansion 6.1

We can now start download the patch and run it in the end of this October ^_^ wahh… I feel so excited too with the patch hhihihih… Hope we can do many new quest and compound many new equipment.

Well here based on the WLO official site news at wl.igg.com/news/newscontent.php?aid=5254

New Quest:
Athena’s First Dip
Bring along Venus or Athena to Roman Bathhouse and speak to Villager (X:995, Y:204) to accept the quest.
Reward: +30 Amity with Athena (Venus)


New Item:
Surprise Treasure Box. Open to reveal all kinds of wonderful items!







New Challenge Rounds:
Challenge Rounds increased from 15 to 20, with Mystic Eagle Headdress and Chaos Hammer added as rewards! Come forth and challenge now!











I feel more excited with the upgrade from 15 rounds challenge to 20 Rounds now >_< wot wot…

lets download and have fun together in Wonderland Online

New expansion in Wonderland Online

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