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    Large eagle catch Shizune

    Life of Small Canyon


    Game Plan: Bring Sam and Shizune, to Forest of Avignon and walk to Gorge Forest on the left. Follow the map below. Walk to the circle on map (X: 500, Y: 1760) here we need to help the baby attack by Dark Wolf. Done battle, Shizune and  Sam obtain 3+ amity.




    Last Wish

    Game Plan: Fly to Bangkok, walk into the Thailand Jungle. Then, enter the next jungle on right. Refer the map below if you lost in jungle XD 😀 😛 Here, there is battle that sure you cannot win XD so don’t waste time to team up hehehe…

    After done this story, fly to Snow Island and enter the snow cave. Here will be long walk, you might need mix noodle because the monster are annoying XD. Walk to Cave Floor 7 follow the map guide below. Here will be the last death quest for Sam.

    Get ready to rebirth Sam when new patch come out 😛 😀 Ohh yah.. need 7 Stars to revive Sam 😛 at holly

    This only preview info 😀 for Complete Guide of Sam Death Quest (<<< Click on the link)


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    1. Jacky says:

      i cant continue the bangko step after saved the baby in Avignon Forest @@..the enemy doesn’t appear in the jungle, did it requir any pre quest?

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