whaff -iconToday I going to share with you all some opportunity to make money online so that we can buy IM Points in Wonderland Online. By the way, it is not just for WLO … it also for all other games online that you wish to buy points or gems. 😀 Before I start to explain, this method required us to patience …. hmmm… Internet connection (ofc xD to connect), Smartphone Android type (platform to begin), Whaff Reward (App to earn money) and Paypal acc (To receive money).

Why I said patience, because….. this method to make money is not going to make  you rich like billionaire but it just enough for you to earn little bit money to buy game point for Coc, Pew Pew Penguin, WLO and others online game…. as long as they got Paypal method for payment.

Let’s begin, after we got internet connection and smartphone, then you should go to Google Play Store and download the app called Whaff.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is like internet bank for everyone. You can use PayPal to buy IM points and other item or real goods which being sell online… like in Ebay or Amazon. If you activate and sync your PayPal with bank in your country 😀 you can transfer money from PayPal to your personal bank. (it got little charges too)

What is Whaff and how it works?

Whaff application is like a Rewards App. It will reward us if… We explore, download and play the game that being introduce to us. In other word, we being paid to play xD. What I notice when I try this app is…. each game or app that available to download… will reward us with little money like $0.30 to $0.55. (huhu… so little xD but don’t worry got many app to explore time to time)


Let’s start make money through Whaff Reward App

First, connect your smartphone with internet and start download Whaff Reward application from Google Play Store.



Open Whaff Reward app then login your account through Facebook.

whaff login

Start to explore the app and game in premium pick section (Install, play it for 4 minute through WHAFF)

whaff premium pick

Just follow the instruction like example -> install, play game like 4 or 5 minute then it will start credit us with little coins $0.01 – $0.05, repeat it per day until the offer done. (can continue play if you like the app 😀 if not just uninstall)

Oh… Don’t forget to Check in your attended too 😀 you can receive $0.01



How can we receive money from Whaff Reward app to your Paypal account ? (Relax…)

minimum payout whaff

When your credit reward reach minimum payout $10.50 ^_^ we can request money from Whaff 😀 by confirm your PayPal account with them and within 3 days 😀 ta da… your money received.


** Take note here ^_^ if we request :$10.50 – Whaff only pay us $10 because $0.50 is like payment for their service. When the money come to your PayPal account still got little charge fee xD so you might get less than $10. Something like $9.25 Nah.. don’t get angry 😀 haha…

**  Psst… xD if Whaff ask invitation code …. You can use and enter this code  AJ23448 to get instant little money inside your Whaff account.

invitation code whaff that works



Here is my proof after 2 or 3 weeks explore Whaff rewards application 😀

whaff paypal proof payment



Don’t try to cheat Whaff 😀 by creating many account or playing trick… they got nice system to detect either you cheat or not 😀 then your Whaff account will be banned. 😀 Good luck in earning using Whaff Reward App.

Updated **

*** This whaff apps are harmful apps , cannot be trusted – read here Whaff Reward apps harmful apps

No money to buy Item Mall Points in wlo ? | How to make money online to buy Item Mall Point?
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