Wonderland Online EXP UpIn Wonderland Online, we level up our character or pet by collecting many EXP through killing monster and bursting with assist skill. Bursting is the favorite method for every players because it easy and faster to level up. However, bursting only works until you reach level 180 😀 and it also not works after your character or pet go for rebirth process.

Here is some other easy not cheat xD 😀 method which you can get 2% EXP free without killing monsters hehehe… all you need to do is build this kind of exercise machine inside your tent. It very useful for those player who already reach level 170+rb and above. You also can save your 2% Capsule.

Bicep Exerciser

-it is for player character 😀 can obtain 2% of EXP of level with training

Training machine free exp WLO

train ride bicep wlo

How to use Bicep ?

– you can build it or borrow from your friend then put in your tent

– click on it then, you will begin to ride and obtain exp

– Bicep exerciser is only for player character

– each level you only can obtain 2% max


Example, if you are level RB 178+ before and after

compare exp level 178 rb wlo



– treadmill function is same like bicep exerciser which is give free 2% EXP but it only for human pet. 😀 not human cannot hihihi…

Wonderland treadmill for pet human


– to use treadmill on your human pet, you need to put them in battle mode

-example in team you have Xaolan and Victoria, then you need to train Victoria, you need to set Victoria in battle mode and Xaolan in rest mode.

use treadmill for victoria wlo

Optional method to get EXP up in WLO
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